Meet a Volunteer: Josh

Did you know that Mission U-Too allows children to come and serve? We have families ask us if they are able to bring their children to serve at our sites or during a disaster relief trip. The answer is YES! We have found that in order to reach the children in the neighborhoods, it’s best to have someone their own age they can relate too.

Hungry little children run around their communities night and day. Some don’t know when their next meal is coming. We have children that ask for a burger for every day of the week, so they have something to eat at home. We are blessed to be a ministry that can fill children’s bellies and to teach them Christ’s love. At some of our locations, the children are the only ones from their families that come and get food to take back home. Eventually the families will join their children once trust is built and consistency is proven.


Josh Farquhar is 11 years old and has been serving with Mission U-Too for 4 years. He heard about Mission U-Too through his mom and from their local church. His sister Hannah heard about Mission U-Too from a classmate who wore a Mission U-Too t-shirt to school almost every day. Now Josh says that his sister’s classmate is his best friend.

Josh has been learning how to put others first and himself last. Just like what Jesus did for us. Jesus had to prove to so many in order for them to trust in Him, He had to live a selfless life and serve those before himself, and then sacrificed his life for us. Teaching children like Josh to be more and more like Jesus is necessary in today’s world.

A great story that Josh has about Mission U-Too is at the Bastrop North site where his family served consistently: “We pulled up Sunday afternoon and there were girls and moms in the street yelling and cussing each other out. We almost had to call the cops until my mom broke it up. She started talking to the girls and then their moms until everyone was calmed down. After a couple years we haven’t seen any of that because of our impact in their lives. That’s important because that shows us that spreading the word of God and meeting the need physically and spiritually is important.”

He also said “The difference now is that it is totally different than before and I can’t believe our impact in their lives is so powerful. I use to feel very uncomfortable and I chose to never leave my parents side because I was so scared of my surroundings and now I am not scared to talk to people or meet kids. I even get on the mic and read scripture.”

Mission U-Too has helped Josh figure out his future. He said “I want to go all around the world and be a Pastor and preach at different churches.”

Children like Josh are going to be our next leaders. Why not get them involved by serving others and teaching them that everyone is loved by Jesus?


Saying Goodbye is Never Forever

Saying goodbye is sometimes hard, especially when you’ve been in ministry together and doing life for a few years. However, saying goodbye is never forever and we’re excited for a new adventure for our friends!

Lee and Shirley have been volunteering with Mission U-Too for five years. They helped start and lead two sites until other people were able to step up and lead, and then they trained those new leaders. Now it’s time to celebrate all they have done within Mission U-Too and their life.

Saying Goodbye is Never Forever | Mission U-Too

They love the Lord with all their heart and they are obedient to His Word in making disciples and being the hands and feet of Jesus. Now Jesus is calling them to a new journey. As they leave the Bastrop area and head to Austin they are leaving a legacy behind. The people of Bastrop will greatly miss them, especially the lives they impacted through Mission U-Too.

Lee is fighting prostate cancer and skin cancer and Shirley who has many different health issue, dementia being one, are moving closer to family members who can help take care of them. They served the Lord with open hearts and now it’s time for them to be served.

Saying Goodbye is Never Forever | Mission U-Too  Saying Goodbye is Never Forever | Mission U-Too

Thank you Lee and Shirley for being the hands and feet of Christ and feeding people physically and spiritually with Mission U-Too. They prayed for others and honored every relationship they came upon by cooking and serving a burger. We are thankful for their service and obedience to the Lord to serve our community, they truly changed lives.


“You are not a burden”

Phylis' Story | Mission U-Too

“What, a free burger? What do I have to do to get a free burger?” said Phylis who is paralyzed from the waist down. When we told her nothing tears began to flow down her face. 

Phylis was in a terrible car accident several years ago and it left her paralyzed from her waist down. She lives by herself in the government subsidize housing in Bastrop. One of our Bastrop sites is set up down the street from her front door. As you can imagine life is a challenge for her, not to mention she feels like she’s a burden. 

Most of you know how it feels to feel like a burden to others. Now imagine your life having to depend on others all the time. Phylis is a believer in Christ and knows that her time on earth was not suppose to end when she had her accident. She was 1/4″ away from severing her spine in half and dying. Phylis says “she wished everyone would have a life transformation and know that Jesus is there and loves them.” And so do we!

Earlier this week at the site we saw Phylis outside by her house. We walked down to check in on her and the first thing she said was “what are you cooking today, a burger?” We told her yes and had a conversation with her letting her know she’s welcome to come every week, not just when she’s in dire need. Then we walked back to the site with her and she gave us an update on herself letting us know that she was hungry. She said she was glad to see us set up and was thankful we came down to visit her because she feels like a burden. We assured her that we miss seeing her and she’s not a burden. She told us that her ride wasn’t able to take her grocery shopping yet and she had no food in her house. There was joy in our hearts that God was using us, as this is why we were there!

Mission U-Too strives to feed people physically and spiritually. We never know the battles that are going on in the home or within one’s heart. When you are hungry physically life around feels like it’s in shambles, but when you are hungry spiritually you feel alone and empty. Phylis was feeling both and, with the relationship we have built with her the last two years, she finally felt like she could stroll down in her wheelchair for the first time instead of us taking food to her, and enjoy a hot meal in the presence of her Mission U-Too family. 

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Bastrop County Clean Up

We need your help.

It has been a long tough few weeks in Bastrop County with the recent fires in Smithville and now flooding throughout Bastrop County for the second time this year. As a result there are many people displaced and in need of a helping hand to get back on their feet.

Mission U-Too has been out supporting our community by cooking nonstop since the fires broke out last month. But right now this community desperately needs volunteers that are willing to show up and let God use them in the first stage of clean up from these fires and floods.

Samaritan’s Purse is helping coordinate these efforts for our community, and now more than ever your help is needed to bring aid to many people lost and hurting.

Click the button below for more details and to sign up to help.

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Fire & Flooding Relief Efforts

It’s been a tough month for the Central Texas area with the Hidden Pines fires near Smithville and the most recent flooding in the Austin area. Bastrop County has been hit three times this year alone with natural disasters that have left many people displaced and left to sort through the damage.

Now that the fires and floods have subsided the hard part begins. The cleanup. Several organizations are on the ground coordinating the actual cleanup, and Mission U-Too has been asked to serve food to the volunteers and families who lost their homes. Also as the news media covers the fires and flooding less and less, volunteers on the ground decreases, but the need stays the same.


Mission U-Too is committed to providing disaster relief efforts, first in our own communities and then to communities where we are called to go serve. Right now we are coordinating efforts in Smithville throughout the fire cleanup, Bastrop throughout the flood cleanup, and now in Onion Creek in southeast Austin to help with flooding relief efforts. And we need your help.

The most critical need is for donations. So far we have served over 7,000 meals and over the next few weeks we will serve many more. But in order to continue, we need your financial support to make sure we have enough food for anyone who comes for a meal. Click here to donate today.

We also need volunteers to help us over the next few days in Onion Creek. We served there a couple years ago when this area was devastated by floods, and we were asked by the fire chief to come back and serve as this community struggles with round two of flooding. We will be out there all day Wednesday and Thursday this week and need volunteers to help cook, serve, and lend a listening ear.

If you are able to come out this week, please fill out this volunteer registration form so we can best coordinate these efforts.

Thank you for continuing to lift those affected by the fires and floods in your prayers. Cleanup is a long road and can be very difficult physically and emotionally for all of those involved. Thank you also for praying for Mission U-Too as we are sent out to these locations.

New Children’s Ministry in Bastrop

We love seeing God speak vision and calling through people who serve at Mission U-Too. A few months ago one of our dedicated volunteers, Carol Palermo, felt led to start a weekly children’s ministry at our Bastrop North community, and so she did.

Carol started serving alongside Mission U-Too in July 2014 and has experienced quite a transformation. This past May, she caught a vision to start reaching the children during our weekly meetings.

Bastrop North: Children's Ministry | Mission U-Too

Carol said, “God has placed on my heart to do a children’s ministry within Mission U-too who serves the local community by feeding people not only physically, but spiritually also. With a goal, to continue to share the love of Christ with the kiddos who come to Mission U-too and to try and give them Hope in Christ like never before. Opening their hearts to his love and showing them a love from their peers that could only say Jesus is the light within them.” 

It’s only been a few months, but this ministry is making a big impact. In July three of our kids prayed and accepted Christ. We love seeing God move in our communities!

This children’s ministry continues to serve and bless the kids at the Bastrop North site and we’d love for you to get involved. Simply contact the site coordinator for more information or just show up on a Sunday to serve.


Prayer Request: Michele & Adrian

by Christine Farquhar, Mission U-Too Bastrop North Site Coordinator

We are reaching out to the Mission U-Too community and asking for prayer for this Bastrop couple.

Michele has a rare form of brain cancer. About four months ago she had the tumor removed from her brain. Unfortunately, during this intensive surgery she had a stroke. Because of this she lost her speech and the ability to walk.

Michele’s husband, Adrian, has diligently served Michele for the past couple months, but he is struggling with depression and their difficult situation. And understandably so. He also has not been able to work because his wife needs full time care. They are currently homeless and have been staying in a hotel room, but are needing to find a permanent residence very soon. Adrian is also struggling with making right decisions. He said, “I continue to come every week because it’s the only positive influence I have.” I asked him this past week how his walk with Jesus is, and he replied that some days it’s good and others not so much.

Please pray for both Michele and Adrian, as she continues rehabilitation and as they seek out permanent housing. At Mission U-Too this past week she cried and cried with me as I held her in my arms and prayed for her. Pray for encouragement and that they would draw close to God during this difficult situation.


Cyndi’s Story

At Mission U-Too our mission is simply to feed people both physically and spiritually. Christ called us to meet our neighbor’s physical needs by providing a meal for them each week. Even more, He called us to share the message of Christ.

The burger is just the method, but the real change happens when people experience the love of Christ.


Meet Cyndi

“We are the Sutton Family. My name is Cyndi and I have four girls and two adopted daughters. I was born and raised in Bastrop. I lived a good life growing up until my late teens. I was running with the wrong crowd and got caught up in things I shouldn’t have and then got pregnant. I am a single mom on Disability Social Security because of going blind and I have migraines from the optic nerve pressure. We live paycheck to paycheck. I was downtown Bastrop and saw “free burger” signs and stopped, and have been coming back for the last three years. Mission U-Too is like a second family to me. I come for the fellowship, listen to the message when able, and for the food. It’s comforting knowing that I can get a free meal Monday nights and not have to worry about cooking. If we’re around we attend the other Bastrop site on Sundays as well. I am getting my family back into church and always tell people “God doesn’t give you anymore that you can’t handle, so just trust in Him.”

feedtheneed-final2014-tiltWith your help, Mission U-Too will continue to feed the need and provide a safe place where people can receive a hot meal each week and be accepted as they are. Even further, your gift of $25, $50, or $100 will impact more lives with the gospel.

Thank you for giving today, and making a difference in the lives of in the lives of families like Cyndi’s!

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Irene’s Story

At Mission U-Too our mission is simply to feed people both physically and spiritually. Christ called us to meet our neighbor’s physical needs by providing a meal for them each week. Even more, He called us to share the message of Christ.

The burger is just the method, but the real change happens when people experience the love of Christ.


Meet Irene

“I am Irene and from Austin Texas. I was born in Florida and raised in Austin. These are my boys, Joaquin and Jonathan and they have Down Syndrome. My boys can be a challenge and they know that I can pick up the phone at anytime and call you guys for help. I have two other children and 8 grandkids. My grandkids saw Mission U-Too cooking out and ever since then I’ve been coming. Money is tight for our family so this has been a blessing. My boys were shy when they started coming and now they serve the community. “I don’t know who would take the time to feed so many people every week: cold, rain or shine, but you are always here.” “You have given me a lot of faith. If it wasn’t for you guys, I don’t know where I would be. You made me believe in God and have faith.” I have seen a lot of good changes at the Bastrop North location. There used to be a lot of fights and police around all the time. Ever since Mission U-Too started coming out here there hasn’t been a lot of fights. I am thankful for what you do and know where to come when I need prayer.”

feedtheneed-final2014-tiltWith your help, Mission U-Too will continue to feed the need and provide a safe place where people can receive a hot meal each week and be accepted as they are. Even further, your gift of $25, $50, or $100 will impact more lives with the gospel.

Thank you for giving today, and making a difference in the lives of families like Irene’s!

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Carol’s Transformation


My Story – My New Life – My Transformation with Mission U-Too
by Carol L Palermo

I was born and raised in the heart of Houston, Texas and came to Bastrop, Texas just this past January 2014.

I was raised in a middle class family with both of my parents working. I have two siblings, a sister and brother; we spent a lot of time with my Grandma Taft on the weekends and after school. I treasured my time with her. I came to hear of Jesus through my grandmother, I remember watching her sitting on the edge of her bed and taking out her bible and praying every night, and reading Psalm 23 every time we were together. I remember watching the Greatest Story Ever Told with her and crying my eyes out not understanding why Jesus had to die (I think I was at least 5 or 6). Little did I know what and how God would show me why and how he would save me when I was older. I came to Christ 3-7-04 after years of the Lord speaking and patiently waiting on my heart. I believe it was because of my grandmother and my mother’s prayers that I came to Christ. I believe that I have a purpose and that God has a plan, although I struggle sometimes wondering what it may be.

I believe I found one of my purposes with Mission U-Too and serving.

The impact Mission U-Too has had on me is amazing to say the least. I started serving with Mission U-Too this past summer and thought that I would go and serve dinner to others that were in need, but didn’t realize how much in need I was in and how seeing the faces of the people we serve every week would lift me up and help me to see that we are truly a family in Christ Jesus and here to seek and save those that are lost and in need whatever that may be. This is not about being better than someone else, this is not about having more than the other person, this is about people longing for something more and Christ drawing their hearts to him through a burger or a hot dog and Mission U-Too being the vessel to offer that opportunity.

For us that serve with Mission U-Too maybe seeing that even in this world and all of its sadness, we get a glimmer of hope and peace when we see each other every week and seeing how Christ is transforming those that we walk alongside of and serve. There truly is a sparkle in those that I serve and I have chosen to believe in them when the world says, “no they aren’t worth anything.” I know the value of each person now and the impact that each of us has to one another.

I choose to believe in Jesus and his love because I see changes and transformations going on in the hearts of those that I serve and work alongside of in Mission U-Too. My transformation came when I laid down all of my assumptions of people and places and truly served and loved from my heart, the way Jesus asks us to. “We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19.

Don’t look at the man, look at his heart.

Christ gave me a gift this summer and that is the family of Mission U-Too and those that I serve. I am truly grateful to Jesus for this opportunity and outpouring of his love on me through this season of my life.

My name is Carol Lynn Palermo and my life has been blessed because of Mission U-Too.

Carol Palermo is a volunteer at our Bastrop location.